Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Feeling Better

I'm back to work. My long unemployment can be the topic for another post (maybe). But I'm back to work. The advantage to being back at work is that eventually you get medical insurance. So for the first time in over a year I can actually go and see a doctor. The bad thing about being back at work is that when I get sick I can't actually take a day off to go and see a doctor. So as I have for the past year, I try to stave everything off with lots of vitamins and copious amounts of hand sanitizer (or "hanitizer" as Moiya would have it).

Right now I'm feeling a little ragged as I'm fighting one of my periodic sinus/upper respiratory infections. I'm not incapacitated. I just look and feel a little like something that shouldn't be allowed into the living room. Moiya has been, for the most part, very sweet and solicitous of her mangy Dad. (although she found that actually watching Daddy flush salt water through his sinuses was a little too gross even for a girl whose favorite topic for humor is dirty underwear).

On days when I pack Moiya's lunch, I always write/draw her a little note on a paper napkin, as my mother did for me when I was the same age. Today when I was packing my lunch, I found a note, written/drawn on a paper napkin from Moiya displaying a drawing of us holding hands and the legend "I LOVE YOU". When I asked why she put it in my lunch she said "So when you're not feeling good today, Daddy, you can look at it and it will make you feel better."

She got a big hug. The note is currently taped to the monitor in my office. And damned if I don't feel better each and every time I look at it.

I have such a cool kid