Monday, November 28, 2011


In one of my posts of 11/04/201, I incorrectly quoted Moiya as using the expression "as blind as a duck." That's how I remembered it, and my scrawled note to myself was indecipherable.

However yesterday Moiya was chiding my inability to find something directly under my nose and used the expression again so that I am now able to post the corrected version.

I am - according to my daughter - "as blind as a pigeon."

Friday, November 4, 2011


Moiya’s Mom remarried and so I’m sole custodian of Moiya and Wicker for a week or so until the happy couple return from their honeymoon. It’s been - as Moiya once describe me – “challenging.” For much of the time Moiya has been mad because Mommy and Larry left town without her. Wicker has been mad because elderly cocker spaniels don’t take to having their routine’s disrupted. And Simon has been mad because there’s been an elderly cocker spaniel disrupting her routine. (Simon is a fairly tolerant cat, but apparently having an uninvited nose poked up her bum by the same dog who just ate all her food – and litter – is beyond the kitty pale).

So I’ve been pretty much public enemy number one to pretty much all of the females I share quarters with for pretty much all of the week.


But there have been moments. One weekday evening after Moiya and I got home and were engaged in what we refer to as “draining the dog”, we decided to walk the long apartment complex greens down to the little creek that used to be the “turn-around point” in Moiya’s tricycle days. It was surprising weather for November – warm and sunny with balmy breezes. And before I knew what was happening, Moiya took off running as fast as her legs would carry her. Which in turn prompted Wicker to go bounding after her with a burst of speed I would not have thought possible in a beast her age. And because I was attached to the dog, I found myself being dragged along.

So there we three were in the gloaming of a Fall day, Moiya racing with the speed and joy of youth followed by an deaf, fat dog trying to outrun old age. And bringing up the rear, an out-of-shape man with arthritic knees wishing he could match the energy of either one of them.

And somewhere along that mad and breathless run, I found myself having a snapshot moment… one of those brief and infrequent events when time crystallizes and you become aware that there is occurring around you a single moment of perfection. A moment when the mind pulls back from reality and says “Remember this. It will not come again.”

And so you do. You try like hell to remember. The senses sharpen, time slows, and you record every motion, every breath, every color, and every sound in the attempt to form a snapshot of the single perfect second. Which will never come again.

And then, just as suddenly as it had arrived, the moment was gone, leaving behind three sweaty, panting, grinning (don’t tell me dogs can’t grin) individuals trying to catch their breath before starting home again. We found a hillside that the mowers had not yet denuded of dandelion puffballs and took turns (just Moiya and I… Wicker was intent on a squirrel) picking them and releasing the spores into the evening air. Moiya assured me that it was important to throw the emptied stems as far as possible into the air. “Because it works better that way! It does!” Then with hardly a break in the narritive, “Walk like we’re fairies, Daddy, and we have a fairy dog!” And off she went, the mad girl with waving arms in place of wings, and the dog who would be young again.

And I thought to myself as I trudged along behind them how very much I loved them both.

More Silly Similies

To my ongoing collection of Moiya similies (previously posted here) I happily add the following:

"I'm as hot as a pickle"
"You're just as poor as a seed"
(on entering a dark room) "I'm as blind as a duck"

Episode 42

Last night, Ken (aka Price Eduardo), Princessa (a new addition to the Barbie household) and Tangled (really Rapunzel but Moiya insists that the doll prefers to be known by the movie title) were fighting to free all of the Littlest Pet Shop animals from an adandoned "haunted" building where they had been imprisoned by a deranged Polly Pocket doll.

Ken's devoted companion/pet pig 'Pig' managed to save the day by rushing in and battering the front door down with his head.

It's going to just break my heart when Moiya finally gets old enough that she doesn't want to play with me any more.

I don't know... I suppose I'll have to get cable then.