Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Love, Actually

This morning at 6 a.m when I went out to warm up the car, Moiya wanted to go to and scrape frost off the windows. I pointed out that with the defrosters on, this wasn’t really necessary and was met with such a crestfallen look that I hastily added “But if you could do that, sweetheart, it would really be great.”

So I stood around in the frigid morning watching my offspring attempting to wield the big ice scraper. She kept angling it so that only a sliver of the blade contacted the window and scraping in tiny, tiny strokes. Progress was slow, but she clearly was having a blast and taking great pride in her work.

And without warning, as sometimes happens, I was filled with such an overpowering love for her that I felt like my chest was surely too small to contain it. It never happens at sensible times or over sensible things. It’s always silly, quirky things that cause the floodgates to open. At such time I used to scoop her into a sudden bear hug, but increasingly that elicits a squirming “DAD-DEEE. STOPPIT!!”

So now I just stand, and watch, and grin stupidly. And realize that, marriages notwithstanding, until I had a child I had no idea what love was.

Pretty is Good...

Yesterday one of my coworkers walked into my office and wanted to know why I had a stuffed lamb and bear sitting on either side of my computer monitors. I explained that my daughter had made me promise I would bring them in from the car and keep them with me so that they wouldn’t be cold and lonesome till she got out of school.

He looked at me like I had lost my tiny mind.

Quite apart from the fact that a promise is a promise, I was happy to do it because that is something I like about my daughter – she thinks about others. (Sometimes the others are real and sometimes not, but that is beside the point). And I tell her so: “Pretty is good. Smart is better. Kind is best.”

Her Mom and I would love to claim some credit, but I think it is just her nature. She carries lost bugs outside “so their Mommy and Daddy can find them.” We’ve always gotten reports from school that she looks out for the less popular kids. When we go out to dinner with my Mom it is a point of great pride for her Daddy that Moiya is always careful to thank her servers. (Sadly, I observe that relatively few adults do so).

And it is not uncommon for her to give away her toys. Jacquelyn tells me that at Christmas they had guests and that before they left, Moiya went to her room and picked out some of her toys for the adults to take away with them as Christmas presents.

So when we’re in public and we’re watching the wild antics of other kids screaming for attention or for toys, Moiya sometimes just stands with a bemused expression of her face. I’ll usually bend down, kiss the top of her head and say “thank you.”

If I ask “do you know what I’m thanking you for?” she’ll grin at me and say “oh yeah.”

Pretty is good. Smart is better. Kind is best

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Note to Self:

There's just so many vital little pieces of information that nobody ever bothers to tell you. For the record, when you let your daughter paint your nails with both pink polish AND a layer of purple glitter polish, be aware that while the polish remover will strip the pink off admirably, it will have no effect on the purple glitter what. so. ever.

(It may be that other shades of glitter nail polish behave similarly. I only have data on the purple and hesitate to jump to conclusions.)

On the up side, I provided almost infinite mirth to the guys at the garage when I took my car in for maintenance.

How to Melt a Daddy

My daughter made me snowflake decorations for the wall of my office. And before she gave them to me she kissed each one "So you'll know they have my love in them."