Monday, April 2, 2012

This Morning

Spent the morning watching my daughter teach the Spider (played by my hand and more formally known as the Tickle Spider) to stand on his head.

Some days I love my life.

On the other hand, lest anyone accuse me of sugarcoating this narrative, I should also point out that this is the same child who, having been confined to her room as punishment spent half-an-hour muttering (loudly) from behind the door that I was fat and hairy and ugly and smelled bad and that’s why nobody like me and I can’t get a girlfriend.

I had to go downstairs because it’s bad if they can hear you laughing.

On the other other hand, I consider that Moiya’s bad behavior (and it can be very bad indeed) is simply an attempt by the universe to maintain Karmic balance. This is after all the same child who had completely cleaned the bathroom before I even got out of bed last Saturday, and who made me a “comfy spot” with pillows and blankets and then tucked me in so we could watch movies together.

On the whole, I think I have it pretty good for a fat, hairy, smelly old man.