Friday, March 29, 2013


Having a girl is so much fun.

Like the mornings when they get hysterical because it's dress-down day at school and they have NOTHING TO WEAR except a glitter covered party dress two sizes too small that you won't let them wear BECAUSE YOU'RE SO MEAN and you make them wear their uniform instead because they won't make a decision BECAUSE YO'RE SO MEAN and they weep all the way to school on the last time you're going to see them for three days so you feel like an evil pig all day. WHICH YOU SHOULD... BECAUSE YOU'RE SO MEAN. 

 Ah, good times...

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Time Lord

I worked in the garden today (if it can be called that, when it does not yet have plants) and did small repairs around the house. And several times I ended up using my Father's old tools, which are finally out of storage and in use again for the first time since he laid them down years ago to depart this world. 

There is a great comfort in old tools.. in knowing where each nick came from and whose hand it was that wore the paint away on the handle. And when I opened my Father's toolbox (which he made himself) the musty smell of his workshop came out of it so clearly. And I was suddenly eight years old again, and everyone I loved was still alive, and I was nervous and proud that my Dad was taking the time to show me how to use those tools for the first time...

One of my exes used to get so annoyed at my tendency to accumulate small tokens of my passing life (or as she called it "having to lug around a lot of useless old crap"). 

But see....if you aren't a Time Lord.. it's the closest thing to a TARDIS that you are ever likely to have.