Sunday, June 7, 2015


Busy month, May 2015

I'm not even sure I recall all the things we did. I Know we went to the How To Festival at the downtown library - though we didn't have as much fun as we'd had last year. We waited too late in the day and missed all the best topics. Still, we got to learn some magic tricks.

The middle of the following week (on a Thursday) we went to see the Ringling Brother's circus. You had asked not long before when we would go to the circus and the next day there was an advert in my inbox. So I reserved seats and off we went.

You had a choir concert at school, but there's no pictures of it here because you were behind 47,000 other people.

Belt test was that weekend, and so I borrowed you from your Mom for the day and you tested for your green. Afterwards we jumped in the car and went across the river to Derby Dinner to catch a play (and do a mini-birthday celebration a week early). And then we went BACK across the river so you could attend a friend's birthday party at Champs Roller Rink. And the BACK BACK across the river again to take you to your Mom.

On the 24th, we celebrated your birthday as you had requested, with a party at Hwang's Martial Arts. You got to be blackbelt for a day and cut your cake with a katana.

Since your Mom and Travis were in the middle of house-hunting, I got to have you for a third weekend in a row and you had a sleepover with your friends Abbigail and Arianna. After pizza and left-over ice cream from the party, y'all managed to talk me into taking you to the roller rink which I hoped would wear you the hell out by the time I brought you home at 11 p.m. 

It didn't work. You were up till 8 a.m.

And then as the month slid into June, you had your 5th grade graduation. You weren't up for any awards because (as we found out later) you had basically blown off the last few weeks of school and blew your straight As. But that knowledge was still in the future. The ceremony was nice, if emotional. You were beautiful. And Max was well-behaved :)