Sunday, September 27, 2015


Summer has just officially ended and Autumn has begin. The grass has stopped growing (thank god) and while the leaves have not begun to change color, some are beginning to fall.

It's been a time of changes. Your Mom and Travis moved to a new house. At the moment Max is teaching you the meaning of the phrase "terrible twos". And you've started Middle School.

Since we had no real options in which school, I worked hard to make sure you made it into the Montessori program, where I thought you would make the easiest transition. And U of L offered a week-long summer learning event that took place at your new school, which I signed you up for. I figured if you spent a week in the building and around the teachers and some of your classmates, that the first day of school would be much less stressful for you. It took the help of our neighbors and the tolerance of my boss to get you to and from it, but you enjoyed it and I think it helped.

First Day of middle school, Aug 2015
And the school itself had three days of orientation - one that I went to with you, and two that you went to by yourself. So that all in all, by the first day of school, things were already pretty familiar. It's our first year since you started public school that we've not depended on the YMCA CEP program. You've been coming home on the bus and being a "latch key kid" till I get home. Still too early to tell how that's working out.

It's unfortunate that most of your friends from Middletown ended up going to another school. But knowing that was going to be the case, I got you and iPod so that you could keep in touch. Of course you wanted a phone, but I wanted something I had a measure of control over so that I had at least a chance of scaling your growing autonomy to your growing maturity. Jury is still out on that one.

And you've transitioned into a tween. It was like somebody threw a goddam switch. Once day you were my Moiya and we played around. And the next day you were some stranger who wanted nothing to do with me. BAM! We moved out your doll house and all your dolls and banished all the pink from your room. (Sigh) You may have been done with your childhood, but I wasn't. So it goes.
Some days are better than others. For some reason this past week you were just a complete and utter asshole. If I had a nickel for every time you screamed "LEAVE. ME. ALOOOOOONE!!!" and slammed the door to your room shut, I'd....  well... I had a bunch of nickels.

Fortunately, we had some good times before then.

We went to the state fair...

We saw a really good production of Peter Pan at Derby Dinner Theater with your Mom and Travis.

We got a surprise pumpkin plant when the remains of our Halloween pumpkins which I threw on the compost heap germinated in the spring and promptly took over the plot that I was going to turn into a garden this year.

We went to WorldFest, but only lasted an hour. Unlike he last two years when we got rained on, this year it was unbearably hot.

Though while we were standing on the Belvedere enjoying the breeze coming off the river and watching the Belle pull away from the shore, you reminded me that we hadn't had our annual buffet cruise.  So last week we did that. :)

Our souvenir picture

Sitting in the bow of the Belle and facing into a stiff, cold breeze
Focused at the belt test
And after your last belt test in July, unfortunately we had to say goodbye to Hwang's Martial Arts. I would have given anything to keep you there, but Master Hwang was bleeding me dry, having charged me $800 for 6 months and wanting another $1,440 for you to stay another year.

Your Mom was there at your belt test and for a time I thought she was going to agree to split the cost. But she got spooked by doing so on top of buying a house. And since I could not cover the cost on my own, we had to say goodbye, and I went in search of someplace I could afford.

I had about given up when my friend Lisa put me onto someone she knew. So we're now enrolled in Mission Martial Arts. We've only had two lessons so far, and it's not as loud, frenetic, or grand as Hwangs.. but at $50 every two months, we can afford to keep going for as long as you want.

And that's it for now.. so many changes. Off to bed I go. Got to get my rest to deal with my stroppy tween daughter tomorrow. ;)

I love you. Never doubt that.